1. Devblogs

We are starting to write devblogs on our current progress on our projects, we hope that we can look back on these and see the progress we have made on our projects. They will be posted when ever we feel like it, once we get into a good development cycle we will begin to post more frequently.


2. Flounder

Flounder has had a lot of progress on our Vulkan implementation over the past 2 months, we are at a point where real game development is around the corner. We are using Vulkan for flexibility, reliability, speed, and future-proofing, we currently do not plan on adding support for other graphics pipeline such as Direct3D or OpenGL. This week we finished a simple Deferred Rendering system and added a very basic entity component system. The demo has been getting better terrain, and water reflections. We will be adding a physics system, animations, asset management, and particles over the next few months to finish off a version of Flounder that is conformable enough to develop a game off of.


3. Ludum Dare

We will probably be participating in the next LD Jam (starting December 1st) and using Flounder to develop a 3D game.


4. WIP Game

We will be starting development on a new game, currently with the development name of Kosmos, by the end of the month we hope to have information to share.

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Matthew Albrecht

An indie game developer and robot programmer with interests in 3d computer graphics and automation.