1. Devblogs

So I have decided that writing devblogs should only happen when large developments have happened with our projects, the past month has been busy for both Decaxon and I so not much work was done.

2. Flounder

Flounder deferred rendering system has basically been completed, and a modular post effects system has been implemented. CMake has also been implemented to compile on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, this should make it easier for us to develop Flounder, and also provide cross platform support. Clang and GCC Linux test build systems have also been added to run after commits. And lastly a large amount of code has been reworked to be cleaner and work better.

I have started work on config loading and saving, and I will continue to work on finishing rendering. Hopefully the next few weeks more development for Flounder can be done!


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Matthew Albrecht

An indie game developer and robot programmer with interests in 3d computer graphics and automation.